NGO “Social Development Consulting Office” to promote social development. The organization is not created for commercial purposes. Also strictly adheres to the political direction.

The main goals of the organization are:
• Increase economic, financial, legal and industry awareness in society.
• Promote agriculture development in the country;
• Facilitate access to information on medium, small, beginner entrepreneurs and farmers in the country;
• Promote the implementation of the Association Agreement signed by the Government of Georgia with the Georgian legislation;
• Effectively protect the interests of people with special care and needs, disabled persons, refugees, refugees, socially vulnerable, victims of violence, illegal dismissals and other vulnerable groups.
• Participate in the occupied territories of Georgia and foreign citizens to educational, humanitarian, medical and other one-time damravaljeradi organizing rallies, for cultural and economic promotion of mutual understanding, of the peoples of the economic activity, which will plan sheutsqobsorganizatsiis and set goals;

To accomplish objectives:
• Carries out various projects and programs, educational lectures, trainings;
• Organize events, single and multiple promotions, lectures, seminars, public events, conferences and symposiums;
• Carries out the protection of community groups on the subject of its activities.
• Free legal advice in specific areas.